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Great Quality Bed

This bed is made from quality material and was very easy to put together. The mattress is the perfect thickness and is very soft to the touch. The bed goes wonderfully with our modern home! Easy to assemble. Looks good. I love the look and my dog is liking it. My dog is a pit mix and weighs about 58 pounds. I got the large size and it is good for her.

My water intake has increased and I feel so vibrant when I drink the gem infused water

Absolutely love my beautiful bottles and my decanter: one can't help but practice mindfulness and gratitude when drinking from them. They are so precious and you feel vibrant when you drink water transformed by the gems. Water tastes so sweet! My water intake has increased so much in the last couple of weeks and I can tell my cats love this gem infused water better than plain tap water. Loved mine after 2 days, I picked the wellness jewel for my sister as a gift for her birthday. Love love love!!!!!! Highly recommend!

Love my gem infused water bottle and pet bowl

I LOVE my Vitajuwel bottle - it feels great to drink from - I feel the water tastes sweeter -so I had to get something for my dogs so I give the water from it to my dogs in their own gem bowl - and it's so beautiful to look at. Can I articulate the change? Not really, but I believe it makes a difference to my and my dogs' wellbeing.

Excellent wrought iron cage for small parrot sized birds

Got this for our two greencheeked conures. They seem to enjoy it. It arrived in good condition were easy to assemble and are good quality including accessories. I did have someone to help me set it up, which made it very quick as I didn't have to do odd things to keep some things up while screwing other things in etc. I really love the separation space between the grate and the bottom pan. My old cockatiel's cage does not have this.The grate also has a mechanism to help secure it from sliding.The play stand at the top is very nice. My conures love to sit there with some treats while I work in the room and can't hold them.

Easy to assemble dog crate and fits right into my living room decor!

They are very nice looking crates that are so easy to assemble for a dog that accepts being crated and is trained for one. I love the more elegant look as it doubles as an end table. Matches my home decor very well and my dog loves it and feels safe in it. But please do not buy these if your dog is not crate trained or comfortable with being crated.

Cute bed, good for the price

I am happy I have a small pekingese dog and she fits fine in this bed but I don't think the frame is sturdy enough for larger dogs. It's more decorative than anything. I am happy for the price I paid for it. Looks super cute in my living room! I might get another one for my cat too. She keeps hogging the bed from my puppers.

Well worth the money. My dogs love this

This is a great brand of pet furniture; product looks like the pictures, just as I was expecting. My 2 pitbulls jumped right on the beds even before I was done putting it together. Its very sturdy too and quite comfortable. My dogs never go to my own bed anymore which I kind of miss actually...

Love it!

Great dog door. Just what we were looking for!! We got the extra large size and it worked perfectly for our larger outdoor patio door

Perfect for little puppies like mine!

The little guy in our Yorkie trio can now go for a walk with his brothers safely. A little too small for road walks. This stroller looks good and is very smooth to stroll along. You can tell my little puppy loves the outdoors and our walks together.

Perfect for my 13 year old dog to join me on my morning walks

My dog lily is 13 years old she can no longer walk the track with me. The stroller allows her to enjoy the outdoors and come along with me on my walks. I use it three times a week walking two miles. Very happy with this purchase.

Great dog treadmill, love my tired doggy

Got this treadmill to exercise an energetic 1yr old 70lb pitbull mix. I like that the runway platform is extra-long (it's maybe 1-2 feet longer than a typical human treadmill) so that she has room to extend her stride, and occasionally lag towards the back. It runs pretty quiet and seems sturdy.

The box was pretty heavy--I'd recommend getting two people to move it. Once it's set up though, it does have wheels on one side so it's not too hard to tip up and roll into position.

I didn't really read the manual, it was pretty easy to set up. I like the pre-programmed modes so that my dog will have a couple minutes of running, then a couple minutes of slower jogging rest time. Dogs are built for burstier kind of running, not steady long distance running anyway.

The magnetized emergency stop is a great feature. I like being able to instantly stop the treadmill. I tried attaching the clip to my dog's collar once, but the clip and magnet is kinda big and awkward for that, and she got scared by the magnet clanking on the ground when she pulled it off, so I just keep it unclipped and pull it myself whenever I need to.

It took about a week to get my dog used to walking on the treadmill. She wasn't scared of the treadmill or the noise, but it was pretty awkward for her to get used to the idea of the ground moving underneath her. First she got treats for standing on the treadmill. Then I would turn on the treadmill for only a second, while giving her treats, and giving lots of praise for walking forward on the treadmill instead of getting scared and jumping off. Then more treats for getting on the treadmill and standing still while it's still of. Each day, I would gradually extended the on time to a few seconds.

Love the dual entry and low to the ground for my older dog

It is lower to the ground than the other dog strollers I saw making it easier for my Dog who had surgery done on his leg making it much easier for him to enter and exit. Dual entry is very convenient since my dog is very particular and is always changing his preference. The zip top is great and allows me to comfort my dog or re-position him. Easy to assemble. It is very easy to push and pull. It can fit two small dogs inside. The floor board is of good quality and the cushion is decent for small to medium size dogs. Easy to collapse and you can keep it outside if you get a large rectangle barbecue tarp to fit around it. The storage options that come with it are good enough to keep extra bags, moist wipes, tissues, treats, and 2 beverages.

Wonderful chariot for my shiba inu!

I ordered this stroller for my Shiba Inu, Mateo, who suffered from a spinal injury last summer. After a 8-week recovery period he was back to walking just fine on his own, but he does tire out quickly. His backend strength is just not what it used to be. This stroller has been wonderful for him! Because of the stroller, he is still able to enjoy many of his favorite adventures knowing that he can take a break and get a ride in his chariot when needed. Pros: No-zip closure is soooooo easy to engage, real rubber wheels offer a smoother ride, cup & cell phone holder is great for me, and the basket below is awesome for holding a dog bowl/water/snacks/etc. Cons: While it does collapse & fold to fit in your car/closet, it does take up quite a bit of room. I also wish it came in more colors options.

Great for crate trained dogs

I bought these crates for the decor appeal and the functionality as well. I bought, two one for each of my pups, but honestly they could fit in one. I bought the medium espresso, and my dogs each are 14 lbs. Many reviews said they are not sturdy, but my dogs a small and they are crate trained so it holds them very well, no problems. They can see out and have enough room for movement.

Putting it together took very little time and effort. My six year old and I did it together and he enjoyed the challenge of finding the correct bolts and lining up the holes correctly. I measured before purchasing where these would go and it fit just as I envisioned.

I would purchase this again!

Excellent Product! Highly Recommend this house!!

Fast shipping, excellent packaging (no damage during shipping/delivery). The pieces are all labeled with stickers in numerical order of assembly. No tools required and very easy to put together. Eco composite material that won't degrade when exposed to weather. 10 year warranty. This company did it right! I was very impressed with design all the way down to the packaging to insure no damage in transportation. The engineers for this dog house got it very right! Excellent purchase! I certainly recommend this product.

This pet stroller is perfect in every way! I did my research and this one is worth buying

I studied pet strollers for a while online and knowing my dogs, tried to pick something that would fit their needs and mine. The first thing I wanted was a smooth ride because my dogs are sensitive and I didn't want them to feel like they had to brace themselves over every crack in the sidewalk! So that mean pneumatic wheels (air filled like bike tires, not solid like most strollers have). The only ones with pneumatic wheels are jogging strollers. Well, I am definitely NOT a jogger! But if this was the only way to get a smooth ride then hey, why not The other thing I wanted was a good view for the dog while laying down AND sitting. Some just don't have this. I also wanted good ventilation all around. Also wanted to be able to see what was going on inside from above. Also wanted an easy way to store my purse etc. After looking at all strollers by every company imaginable, it came down to this one being the only one that had all of these things. In practice, everything works perfectly together. Observations: It is quite a large stroller and does stick out in front a bit more than most strollers - I would say the area for the pet is more on the longer narrow side than others. It has tones of room depth-wise, but you probably couldn't have 2 small dogs sitting next to each other - more one in front and one in back or a couple of small puppies side by side. You could fit a whole litter of puppies of a small breed in it because there is so much depth. Even though it's on the large side, it's remarkably light and I was able to get it out my door and down a few steps fully set up with no problem. I love the rear food brake - it's one large bar across so you just press it with your foot and it engages (like when you are removing the pet from the stroller and don't want it to roll). It was very easy to assemble - I didn't have to ask my husband for help! Everything I wanted in a stroller and more!

Pet Gear 3 Wheel Pet Stroller- Chocolate- No-Zip Special Edition
Love it! So does our little pups!!

Really seems to be a great product. We love the chocolate color. The girls seem to like it on the first trial run around the house. It is easy to maneuver. We are excited to travel and have the option of holding the girls or strolling them. Also love the area under to put a purse or purchases. The two cup holders was a great surprise. We love our coffee in the morning during their morning walk.

Excellent Wrought Iron Cage for my cockatiels

Excellent product, it was exactly what I was needing. The wrought iron cage arrived on time. My birds love their new home. Assembly wasn't hard took about 50 min, but the instructions that came with the cage are horrible. It may help to watch videos online. I was able to build by looking at the picture online and didn't have any issues. The cage is of high quality and construction. I would diffidently recommend this cage to anyone who is needing one. Provides ample room, durability, easy to clean, and the wheels are a bonus.

This stroller is too cool!

This stroller is too cool! My chihuahua had the smaller I had to get my dobie/boxer mix the larger version.It's perfect for her.

Great for guinea pigs!

We are using this cage for a guinea pig. He doesn't seem too interested in the top level. It's also hard to get him out through the top, so we usually open the drawer and he eventually comes out. I feel like there is plenty of room for him though. And it's easy to clean. You do have to push up the middle of the drawer to get it back in correctly. Overall we are happy with this cage!

Wish I'd bought this sooner

I was very hesitant about buying this because it was a pretty hefty investment for a rabbit home. I've now had this cage almost a month and can say I don't regret purchasing it. It's wonderful to not have any turds and bedding all over the floor. Things stay cleaner and the cage is easy to clean as well. The reasons I didn't give it a 5 star rating is because it's definitely not sturdy. I've never leaned upon it for fear of breaking it. Also, I had to improvise on their water.

We decided to hang the water bottle from the wire screen on top with carabiner hooks and are very pleased with this. It seemed, no matter what, the side mounted bottles always leaked when our chinchillas drank. This isn't an issue with the hanging water bottle, so their bedding stays nice and dry. Overall, I can't stress how pleased I am with my purchase. So much so that if after some time passes they need a new cage for whatever reason, I'll simply purchase another one of these. Great investment

Bunny biting on cage stopped!

Decided to get this to give our rabbit more space. He absolutely loves it, and we don’t hear him at night anymore. I was worried the rabbit would bite the cage; he’s tried, but doesn’t seem to like it. Cleaning is fast and easy as it’s all in the bottom tray. The rabbit house gets moved from its spot which is our only gripe. I wish the house fit its intended space better, but we’ll figure something to keep it in place. It’s nice that the house part is removable for cleaning. We’re happy with this product.

Easy to build, good quality, well worth the price!

This dog house was one of the easiest items I have ever purchased to put together. Instructions easy to follow and parts nicely labeled. Appears to be of excellent quality so far. Very happy with my purchase

Pet Steps

I have been looking for steps the would reach my bed, and I finally found them at a great price. I have a dachshund, and she loves the steps. It didn't take her very long to learn how to go up and down them easily. The assembly was quick and easy.

It's for cats too! Absolutely love it

This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.It’s for cats too! Bootsies is an indoor cat has hated the outside ever since he was a kitten. I tried all types of carriers and nothing worked. He would panic and get anxious. I decided to try the stroller so I could exercise as well by walking him. Let me tell you he’s a different cat. Absolutely loves the stroller because he has room to move around and he can see everything.

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